Collaborate to Compete:

Driving Profitability in the Knowledge Economy

Robert Logan, Ph.D. & Louis Stokes, Ph.D. Wiley

about the book

Collaborate to Compete, offers a practical, applied approach to fostering a spirit of cooperation not just within an organization, but also with suppliers, customers, and even competitors to gain a competitive advantage.


Many knowledge management initiatives and approaches have failed in their attempt to harness and share the knowledge resident in organizations because they focus on technology, systems, and the valuation of intellectual property, but often neglect the human side. Collaborate to Compete goes beyond the traditional technological approaches of knowledge management systems to address the human challenges, as well as the psychological, cultural, and organizational barriers to employees, suppliers, and customers actually using these systems.
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praise for collaborate to compete

“Collaboration is the new killer app, enabled by technology and driven by the need to create and share knowledge. Stokes and Logan bring needed order and coherence to this important subject.”– Alex Lowy, co-author of Digital Capital and Solving Problems 2 x 2: Dialectics for the Real World

“Timely and compelling. Understands the value of the collaborative organization. Insight into the human, technological, and collaborative issues that will drive success in the Knowledge Economy.”
– John B. Kelly, Chairman of Nex Innovations Inc.; Former President and CEO of Jet Form Corporation; Founder of SHL Systemhouse Ltd

“Collaboration is an important topic for those who see the value of turning disparate sources of information into productive knowledge. Stokes and Logan have gathered an outstanding collection of ‘real-world case studies’ that help reinforce the importance of collaboration and provide a blueprint for those companies looking to become innovators in their industry.”
– Clare Hart, President and CEO, Factivaâ„¢, a Dow Jones and Reuters company

“In Collaborate to Compete, Stokes and Logan create a new strategy for building the collaborative learning organization-in creative ways that transcend conventional boundaries-to meet the challenges of today’s burgeoning Knowledge Economy. Based on the medium and model of the Internet, their book expands the key learning organization principles first expounded in The Fifth Discipline, which are mission critical in today’s global business world.”
– Bryan Smith, President of Broad Reach Innovations Inc.; Former Partner of Innovation Associates; Co-author of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, The Dance of Change, and Schools That Learn

“Collaborate to Compete offers up a compelling, well designed and very helpful bridge to the promise of profitability in organizations that pursue knowledge as a key strategic capability. Robert Logan and Louis Stokes introduce a new lens through which we can view our work in organizations.”
– Charles Armstrong, President and CEO of S. A. Armstrong, Ltd.; CEO and Founder of Know Inc.

“The well-researched concepts in this book need to be applied by all leaders who want to accelerate their organization’s ability to compete. It provides excellent insights into how to re-organize cultural thinking to work more effectively as a collaborative team. This is the catalyst to better leverage people and resources in today’s turbo-charged business environment.”
– Brian Tracy, Author of Maximum Achievement and Turbo Strategy, President and CEO of Brian Tracy International

“Logan and Stokes create a brilliant business case for the essential change of 21st Century mindset. Competition is inevitable, but enterprises-public and private-that do not master the art (and science) of collaboration are destined to extinction. The authors effectively provide us with the rationale, case story examples and practical strategies for implementation. As technical systems and social networks abound, collaboration-complete with the new value-set outlined in this book-will be more essential for optimal company performance, national economic development and global stability. It is only a matter of time.”
– Debra M. Amidon, Founder and CEO of Entovation International Ltd., and author of The Innovation Super Highway

“Bob Logan and Louis Stokes have truly captured the spirit of the time and in [Collaborate to Compete] have given us a powerful lighthouse to find our way within the new seas of change.”
– Charles Savage, Author of Fifth Generation Management

“The core message of Collaborate to Compete seems counter-intuitive, yet it is one of the underlying principles for success in a knowledge economy. Bob Logan and Louis Stokes have thoughtfully and carefully traced the roots of this intriguing concept and complied a compelling collection of practices, anecdotes, and resources that demonstrate how much the business climate has changed in the last few years. If you are one who appreciates the breadth and depth of the business transition we are experiencing, you will find Collaborate to Compete to be a valuable guidebook for emerging management practices and new business thinking.”
– Verna Allee, President and Founder of Verna Allee Associates, and Author of The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity Through Value Networks

“The impediment to knowledge sharing has always been the ability of the organization’s leadership to create a collaborative environment where every employee truly believes that his or her future is intimately linked with successful knowledge sharing with all other employees. Stokes and Logan in their new book provide hands-on answers and a roadmap on how to successfully create a collaborative environment in today’s technology focused workplace.”
– Mr. Howard Firestone, Director of Marketing, iPerceptions Inc.

“Logan and Stokes have cut to the heart of [the issues surrounding] Knowledge Management’s failure to deliver promised returns. The solution may not be achieved overnight, but we will not succeed in a knowledge economy until we heed their message.”
– Robin L. Athey, Consultant, Deloitte Research

“This book not only makes explicit the major raison d’etre for Knowledge Management, but draws from it important lessons for the meaningful and successful implementation of KM. Your first reaction is, ‘but of course, why didn’t I put two and two together so eloquently?’, and then you read the book for its important insights and lessons learned.” – Michael Koenig, Dean & Professor, College of Information and Computer Science, Long Island University; Frequent contributor to KMWorld, and Co-editor of Knowledge Management for the Information Professional, and Knowledge Management: Lessons Learned, What Works and What Doesn’t

“This book is a reference model and a major step forward for organizations that need to master collaborative work. Logan and Stokes paint a rigorously compelling vision for collaboration as a competitive advantage. They back it with a precise roadmap and an effective diagnostic tool for avoiding common mistakes and focusing on the tried and true.”– William Mougayar, Author of Opening Digital Markets, and Fortune 500 consultant

“Teamwork without collaboration is a façade. Now that managers have access to powerful computers, networks and the Internet, there are no longer any technical restrictions to information and knowledge exchange. Stokes and Logan in their new book deal with the interaction of employees and how to create a collaborative environment made more powerful through technology. They demonstrate and illustrate this through informative and thought-provoking case studies.”
– Peter Duffield, President, Capability Snapshot Inc.

“Collaboration is indeed the key to bringing together knowledge, learning, and experience. And technology is finally positioned to be an effective enabler for that process.”
– Bob Blondin, Vice President, Learning Strategy and Assessment Services, Intellinex LLC

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