Who We Are

david sean lester

senior partner | knowledge architect


David is cofounder and senior partner of knowledgeswap inc. The breadth and scope of his experience spans 12+ years, as a communication researcher, international marketing and operations manager, knowledge architect, interactive media educator, instructional designer, public speaker and communication workshop facilitator. David’s role as knowledge architect is to harness enterprise-wide expertise by building dynamic and adaptive collaborative systems, processes and toolkits to improve strategic organizational performance.

matt sardina

senior partner | experience architect


As cofounder and senior partner of knowledgeswap inc., Matt has faced his fair share of collaboration and learning challenges, with great success. Matt has led numerous learning design and implementation projects in major industries. From telecom to pharma and financial to education, Matt makes certain organizations convert these challenges into achievements. By custom-designing instructional models, tools and techniques in applied collaborative learning experiences, work becomes play.

robert k. logan

collaborative partner | consultant

Dr. Logan is a collaborative partner with knowledgeswap inc. Dr. Logan completed his B.S. and Ph.D. at MIT. He is presently a Physics professor at University of Toronto, where he is cross-appointed to the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education and active in McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology. Dr. Logan has conducted research in linguistics, media studies and computer applications in education and knowledge management, as well as being author of several books exploring the future opportunities for internet-based collaborative learning and communications

Why Hire Us?

Our clients hire us because they've learned to doubt IT-driven promises. And they also realize that harnessing their soft skills is essential for creating new hard capital.

The result? They need custom tailored communication and collaboration strategies to solve their business challenges now:

  1. 1. reduce costs,
  2. 2. improve productivity,
  3. 3. increase knowledge assets,
  4. 4. grow revenues,
  5. 5. build brand value with vision.

And since you have the most experience doing what you do well, you hire us as 'hands-on' advisors, facilitators, leaders, and change enablers, to help create and execute the critical path we shape together -- faster, smarter, wiser.

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