Welcome to Knowledge Swap. We help you mind your own business…

How? By sharing knowledge… smarter, faster, wiser. We design interactive learning experiences, facilitate team effectiveness and implement processes to boost business performance.

Our proven collaborative approach activates internal expertise, leverages technology and enhances communication. We transform “return-on-knowledge” to deliver measurable ROI.


Everyone knows that learning, adaptation, agility, and flexibility are critical to organizational success. Our services are custom designed with your changing needs in mind. Get together and turn vision into performance, skills into action, ideas into innovation and work into play.

In our book, when everyone thinks on their feet, you collaborate to compete!

Why Hire Us?

Our clients hire us because they've learned to doubt IT-driven promises. And they also realize that harnessing their soft skills is essential for creating new hard capital.

The result? They need custom tailored communication and collaboration strategies to solve their business challenges now:

  1. 1. reduce costs,
  2. 2. improve productivity,
  3. 3. increase knowledge assets,
  4. 4. grow revenues,
  5. 5. build brand value with vision.

And since you have the most experience doing what you do well, you hire us as 'hands-on' advisors, facilitators, leaders, and change enablers, to help create and execute the critical path we shape together -- faster, smarter, wiser.

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